We believe in commitment and providing results. We believe in hard work and an ethical workforce. We believe in integrity. We believe in a high standard. We believe our word is our stamp in the world. We believe in encouragement and honesty in the face of adversity. We believe in going above and beyond.

We believe ultimately, it is YOU and YOUR STAFF who will play an intricate and instrumental part in the life of the elderly. We believe in making a difference.


Ms. Powell's objective is to assist and maximize AITs in their time and effort in learning the necessary information to not only pass the NHA State and National Exams the first time but also to be confident and well equipped as a first time Administrator. The percentage of AITs who have achieved these goals is high (please read testimonials).

Ms. Powell is currently a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Southern California. Ms. Powell feels in order to be a qualified instructor of Long Term Care State & National Regulations she herself needs to keep up to date with pertinent State and National Guidelines. "I use my regulations and all that I have learned on a daily basis."

Ms. Powell's education and background include a B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Psychology and Health. Ms. Powell is highly qualified and knowledgeable in the Healthcare industry. Her proven teaching techniques and hands-on approach with the AITs has earned her recognition as an excellent communicator. She has developed the relevant study materials necessary to give AITs an advantage in passing their State and National Exams.

As a working professional, Ms. Powell understands that time is precious and wishes there had been an interactive and result orientated class providing efficient learning materials and a one-on-one competent support system. This thought is what motivated her to become an instructor and to personally develop effective study materials to assist AITs to effectively study and pass their NHA State and National Exams.

"Such a class would have been better suited for my learning needs but I felt there wasn't one. Since I've developed  Administrator In Training, I have discovered there are others like me. People learn in different ways and need to choose the course that works best for them. I sincerely believe that what makes this program stand out above and beyond any other aside from the materials, is the fact that for the past 5 years Patricia has been available Monday – Friday, answers all questions, works with each AIT on their plan of action, provides weekly homework assignments, weekly quizzing sessions, accommodates AIT’s when personal crisis arise, she does anything and everything she can to assist each AIT in passing their NHA exams. She is a personal study coach making sure that each AIT stays on track, providing discipline and structure every step of the way."

"I know we have succeeded when our AITs call and say that they have passed. It makes me very proud to have been a part of their experience and in helping them meet their goals."

I cannot stress enough the fact that as an Administrator, it is YOU and YOUR STAFF who plays an instrumental and intricate part in the lives of the elderly.

- Lesley Powell



Raving Fans!
During my 25 years of medical practice and taking hundreds of seminars, it is my opinion that my attending both the Lesley Powell State and National Seminars, was essential to my passing the exams and my being able to master the needed information with confidence, and also without the fear of being unprepared because of learning outdated regulatory materials.
Some obstacles of the self-learning process without knowledgeable guidance, includes improper prioritization of information, uncertain focus, and misunderstanding, because of a lack of meaningful feedback.
Lesley Powells' NHA Seminar Courses will help you deal with these obstacles, and other examination challenges like those "vague out of context questions."  She will also organize the factual questions and show you an associative learning process that will make the material easier. You will be thankful that she was your NHA coach and instructor.
Thank you,
Dr. Dennis B. Noss,
Administrator -
San Francisco, CA